Terms & Conditions



Booking and paying in full for a new course can be done prior or the latest on the day the course is starting.


We will not refund once the course has started under any circumstances.


If you make a booking for a course and know you will be missing on certain days I can offer you a space elsewhere subject to availability within the running course.

Missed session

If you miss a session and give me notice, I will do my best to fit you in another course if you wish, however it is dependent on spaces in other courses and may not always be possible. If you do not give me at least 24 hours notice I am under no obligation to find you another course to attend and no refund for missed weeks can be given.

Changes in your course

If for any reason I need to change or cancel a session, I will let you know as early as possible and offer an alternative day. If that day does not suit you a refund for that session will be issued.

Changes in place

If for any reason we will not be able to carry on the session as usual in the same place I need to be given at least 7 days notice. In case there will be the option to hold the session in a different place we will move it there, otherwise we will have to find a day for a make up class in the same week.  If you do not give me notice then terms for missed sessions will apply.

Health and safety

At the start of your first course/session, you will be required to fill in a brief medical questionnaire and sign it to say you are fit and well to take part in the session. During the course, it is your responsibility to inform me of any changes to your health. If you are in any doubt about your health you should consult your doctor. Make sure you are always on time as if you arrive more than 10 min late you may not be allowed in and the session will be forfeited (so please do not be late).


The Dragonfly Pilates (TDP)
  • To secure a place TDP require participants to make full payment no later than 7 days from the time of booking. Should participants not pay within that time, the place will become available for others to book.
  • TDP ask participants to make sure all allergies and dietary needs are requested at the time of booking to give TDP time to make suitable arrangements.
  • All participants are attending the retreat at their own risk. If in any doubt always contact your doctor for advice.
  • Participants are responsible for taking out comprehensive travel, cancellation and medical insurance.
  • Participants are responsible for advising and declaring any medical conditions at the time of booking, should they fail to do so it may invalidate their insurance.
  • Should the retreat be cancelled by TDP for any other reasons other than war, threat of war, closure of airports, industrial action, or acts of God, the participants shall be entitled to a full refund.
  • If participants need to cancel the booking due to unexpected emergency, they will be entitled to a refund only if and when their place is booked by someone else.
  • Should participants not be able to make or complete the whole length of the retreat for any reason, no refund will be due by TDP.
  • TDP is not responsible for loss of or damage to participants personal property.
  • TDP will never sell, exchange, trade or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation.