8.30am Goudhurst

7.00 pm London Beach Tenterden


10.30 am  Maidstone Leisure Centre

6.30 pm  Hilton Hotel, Maidstone

8.00 pm  Maidstone leisure centre


8.30am Goudhurst

10.00 am London Beach Tenterden

11.00 am London Beach Tenterden


 10.30 am Tudor Park, Bearsted

12.00 pm Maidstone Leisure Centre

7.00 pm Maidstone Leisure Centre


9.30 am Westerhill physiotherapy practice Linton

11.30 am Rochester Health Club


10.30am Hilton Hotel Maidstone

12.00pm Maidstone Leisure Centre


Please contact us to make a booking

Price list

My private lessons are run in 6 weeks prepaid blocks for £54

In some circumstances where you can not commit to 6 weeks block a minimum of 3 lessons can be booked at a cost of £15

1-1 is £45.00 per lesson prepaid in 6 weeks blocks

2-1 is £22.50 each per lesson prepaid in 6 weeks blocks

3-1 is £15.00 each per lesson prepaid in 6 weeks blocks


Due to the current situation all of my private lessons are run live online

Please get in touch for more information